Is it worth renting a moped or Harley for the day?


One of the best things about Maui is all the variety it has to offer. It is definitely an island to drive and explore. Scenery changes, outer island views change and are discovered as you drive around the island. If you don’t mind driving and exploring you’re going to be in for a treat. Driving on a 2 wheel vehicle whether it is a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle is a bit of a different story. Since there are so many people visiting taking in the sights and everybody crossing the streets to get to the beach or their hotel… you get the picture it can be hazardous on a two wheel vehicle. Our only suggestion is if you decide to do these…be slow and careful. We love to rent a Harley for the weekend and go for a ride but we know the effort it takes to try to always drive safely. There has been a rise in motorcycle deaths and serious moped injuries in the last few years because of the high risk that is inherent to driving a 2 wheel vehicle on the island. So if you’re on two wheels be extra safe. Mopeds are allowed to use the bike lane and most moped accidents happen from a car driver turning into a driveway while the moped driver is passing traffic in the bike lane…This is a recipe for disaster. We have had friends with serious injuries from riding in this fashion. With regards to mopeds our advice is to never drive faster than ongoing traffic even if you can get away doing so in the bike lane and make sure you provide enough braking distance as a car can usually stop much faster.

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