Where is the house located in the scheme of things?


Our house is located on the South portion of the island in the town of Kihei (Kee hay). We are located in South Kihei. Further to the South is the resort area of Wailea (Why lay ah). South of Wailea is Makena (Ma ken ah) with its beautiful beaches. Wailea and Makena are only a few minutes away. All of this side of the island faces the West and is considered the leeward side. The airport and the town of Paia (Pie ee ah) and Hana (Hon ah) are on the windward side which typically has rougher seas.


As you look at the ocean from the top deck of our house you are viewing the island of Lanai. (la nigh)To the left as you face the ocean is Wailea to the right is Maalaea (Ma ah lye ah) and than Lahaina (La hi nah ) which is called the West side. Maalaea is about 15 minutes away and Lahaina is 40 minutes to and hour depending on traffic. The mountains you see to your right are called West Maui Mountains. The huge mountain behind our house is Haleakala (Ha lee aka lah) Crater which you can drive to the top of 10,000 feet high. Maui is called the Valley Isle because of the valley between these two mountains which is mostly sugar cane crops. You passed through this valley to get to our house from the airport.


As you face the ocean the stores and restaurants of Kihei are to the right of you heading to the North. There are two roads that run to North Kihei - upper Piilani Hwy behind you and probably the road you used to get to the house from the airport and lower South Kihei Rd that runs along the ocean. Lower Kihei Rd is what you use to see everything and drive at a slow pace. Upper Piilani Hwy (only goes 40 mph) is the faster way to get from one end of town to the other.


Maps are provided in almost all the tourist brochures and magazines that are free of charge at the front of most shopping areas. There are also great coupons in these books so check them out before you go shopping or book activities. If spend your time searching you can often find ½ off specials (buy one get one free).

Current weather

Kihei, Maui

  • Scattered clouds, light rain
  • Temperature: 78.8 °F
  • Wind: East, 17.3 mph, gusts up to 26.5 mph
  • Rel. Humidity: 65 %
  • Visibility: 9 mi
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Tue, 01/26/2021 - 06:24

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